Condition -- Vinyl

 Sealed-   factory sealed and never opened or played.

 Mint-     (mint minus)   no obvious signs of wear.  Plays
               as good as new.

 Vg+     (very good plus)   Vinyl might have some
            slight paper scuffs or very light scratches but
            it will not affect the sound.  The cover may show
            slight signs of use.

 Vg       (very good)   A record that has been enjoyed
            but properly taken care of.  May have some
            surface noise but no deep scratches.  The cover
            will show obvious (but not major) signs of use.

 Vg-       (very good minus)    The vinyl has significant
             wear and tear and noticeable surface noise. The
             cover will show obvious signs of wear.

 Any flaws in vinyl or cover are listed with the individual
 item.  See  glossary for abbreviations

 Condition-    CDs

 Sealed-     sealed copy never opened or played.

 Mint-    (mint minus)   no obvious signs of wear.

 Vg+      (very good plus)   the inserts may show some
              light wear and the cd may have some slight
              scuffs but nothing serious.

 Vg        (very good)    A CD  that has been played and
             handeled often but well taken care of.  Noticeable
             signs of wear but still in decent shape.

 Vg-       (very good minus)   Has significant wear and tear
              But no deep scratches.

       All CDs are guaranteed to play fine and if they
       are defective they can be returned.

       Any flaws in cds or inserts are listed with the
       individual item.

 CC- cut corner or drill hole on cover or insert.

 DJ-    promo stamp on cover and/or  timing strip
           pasted on front cover.

 PS-     picture sleeve for  45s or  12 singles.

 RW-      ring wear on cover

 SMSP-   seam split on lp cover

 SOC-    sticker on cover

 SOL-    sticker on label

TOC-    tape on cover

TOL-    tape on label

 TS-     taped seam

 WOC-   writing on cover

 WOL-    writing on label

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